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This was taken recently on a local aerial photography assignment.








See if you can identify the area….

If you have a need for aerial photography, just give me a call, the more clients I have per flight, the cheaper it becomes for each customer.


There’s so much of interest in the Cotswolds.









With an exciting summer – Olympic games, Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, and lots, lots more, I’m sure Gloucestershire will be buzzing!

This was part of another successful order, photographed in a tight window of opportunity, before being crated and shipped to South America.









Five Valleyss Photography – keeping you in front of your customers – and your competition…

I just love those shiny surfaces…

David Drew gave a very interesting insight into his travels whilst an MP, following the AGM of the Stroud District Business Club, at The Hill, on Monday evening.

His talk revealed much about the largely unrecognised potential of Africa as a contributor to the world’s balance of economy, wealth & wellbeing.

And… it was peppered with humerous incidents, as well as stark realities generating much comment & discussion.








Another succesful project from the combined skills of Salter Cyclones of Cheltenham & De Havilland Fabricators in Stonehouse, photographed in the factory by yours truly.



Maybe….      maybe not….

But we do have our own winners in so many different fields!

A lovely old barn as work begins on restoration.

Stroud has a wonderfully rich architectural heritage, as can be seen in some of the local mills.

Harnessing the power of nature in an efficient, low tech, low carbon, rustic and sustainable way.

Some have now been converted into living accomodation, and some to offices or factories, whilst still retaing their ageless character and charm.

Brrrrr.. a cold start to a morning – but no!

This was shot in the studio at Salmon Springs in Stroud !!!

Add a little morning sunlight -plus that Extra Something !

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